Adrian R Tió

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These collaborative, letterpress printed broadsides and handbound books feature the written work of writers such as Martin Espada, Howard McCord, Michael Mott, Rebecca Parfitt, and Robert Pinsky. The Spanish translations were provided by Iraida Diaz Tio.


These illustrated, letterpress printed, artist’s chapbooks feature the bilingual text of Howard McCord, Michael Mott, Gerry D. Smith, and Delmira Agostini.


Flat sheets printed letterpress, relief illustrations accompany the handset text of Jack Agueros, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Martin Espada, Howard McCord, Rebecca Parfitt, Robert Pinsky, Gerry D. Smith, and Luis Suarez.


Printed letterpress in the reduction method, surfaces include linoleum and wood.


Located at the Ropeworks, this studio work reflects my interest in intense color, rhythmic patterning, and expressive figurative imagery in a variety of media and support surfaces.


Drawings on rag papers: charcoal, conte, and pastels.


Mixed media (acrylics, oil pastels, graphite) on polychromed wood panels.


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